Is It Just Me, Or Are Kristen Wiig’s SNL Promos Kinda Lackluster?

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Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen Saturday Night Live promo SNL May 2013Guys! I'm kinda nervous! I already decided I'm gonna wait in line overnight to try to go to Saturday Night Live when Kristen Wiig hosts with Vampire Weekend this Saturday, so that's set in stone. BUT. I feel like the SNL promos are usually really good, sometimes even better than the person's actual appearance on the show, and these ones just…aren't. I don't know what I wanted to see, but this wasn't it. I figured that because Kristen was on the show for so long, she'd have lots of good ideas for her teaser clips, but instead I feel like they used it as an excuse not to come up with anything. Like the first clip, I think she and Fred Armisen are just making it up on the spot, which I think would've been great if they'd gone for it full-throttle, like that amazing singing thing they used to do on Weekend Update, but instead they just went halfsies, so that's where my chubby stayed. At half mast.

I mean I dunno, we could've at least thrown some Penelope in there, right? Or some Gilly? Just a little tease to keep my spirits up when I'm waiting on a sidewalk for twelve hours this weekend? Just the tiniest taste of a treat? I will say that I loved the “let's just do what our body tells us” bit into the amazing dancing. That's the Kristen Wiig that I so dearly miss. And I'm also pretty obsessed with how happy and comfortable she and Fred look around each other, too, so I guess I should quit my complaining. It's just if I'm gonna make a one night commitment to this woman, I want to know what I'm getting into, and after what happened with Louis CK all those months ago, I still have trust issues.