Jimmy Fallon Does A Duet With Kristen Wiig While She’s Dressed Like Michael Jordan, Need I Say More?

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Kristen Wiig Michael Jordan

Last night Kristen Wiig went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon dressed like Michael Jordan. Yep, as in Michael Jordan from Space JamAlso apparently the same guy from the NBA, but I can't seem to get in touch with my fact checkers to confirm if that little piece of sports trivia is true or not. So we'll legally be confined to just calling him Space Jam star Michael Jordan for now.

Why the Despicable Me 2 star decided to impersonate the Space Jam star is currently unclear. But the lack of sense surrounding her appearance doesn't make it any less funny. In fact, it kind of makes it more funny because it is so absolutely, insanely ridiculous. I know you didn't wake up this morning thinking, “gee whiz, I'd sure like to watch Kristen Wiig answer sports questions as Michael Jordan,” but you'll certainly end your day wanting more. Unless you hate laughing. In that case, I think C-Span has a Youtube channel that you may enjoy more.

Considering that the interview involved Kristen Wiig and her fellow Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon, it started to feel like a Weekend Update sketch within the first few seconds. By the time the two started doing an impromptu Garth and Kat duet together, I expected Fred Armisen to stroll out with a guitar and for Bill Hader to come hang gliding into the studio dressed like Stefan. If Amy Poehler and Tina Fey suddenly teleported in, I wouldn't have objected either. Okay fine, Maya Rudolph can come too.

The fact that Jimmy Fallon tolerated (and probably enabled) this brilliant performance last night goes down on the list of reasons why I'm so excited for him to host The Tonight Show next year. He's fun, he's silly and he's just out there to have a good time with some of his super cool celebrity friends. Keep doing weird stuff Jimmy, I — one of the media's top 600 most influential members — love it! Also, Kristen Wiig, you may apply to be the cool older sister I've always wanted.