I’m Disappointed Kristen Wiig Left SNL To Maybe Star In The Anchorman Sequel

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Like everyone else, I cried hot salty tears when Kristen Wiig announced that she was leaving Saturday Night Live earlier this year. Even though she was overused by the end, she was easily my favorite part of the show, and especially since Andy Samberg left as well, there's a cold vacant part of my heart where all that stuff used to live. But at least I could console myself that my girl was moving onto bigger and better things. After her time on SNL, Kristen was like the hottest thing in town. In my head, she could walk into any casting agency and be like, “Hey, I'm Kristen Wiig. You can go ahead and cast me now.” After all, if she did Bridesmaids while she was still on the show, just imagine what she could do now that she's off it. The opportunities are literally endless.

But instead, I'm hearing rumors that Kristen is being considered for the Anchorman sequel, where her character would be the romantic interest for Brick Tamland, played by Steve Carell. Now I have nothing against the original Anchorman, and you know I love me some Steve Carell, but Kristen can do way better than this. First of all, this movie doesn't need a sequel. The first one was amazing, and it's already been made and quoted to death, so let's just leave it alone. Second of all, if we really are doing it, then let's get Kristen a lead role. She can carry a movie, and we've all been deprived from watching her rubber face do hilarious things for far too long. And thirdly, if we're really gonna cast her just as a love interest, let's go ahead and just hand her the role, yeah? None of this ‘being considered' nonsense. I'm in love with this woman, and I demand to see her treated with respect. Which doesn't mean standing around in the background while Will Ferrell prances around in tighty-whities and the fur suit known as his chest hair.

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