Kristen Wiig Stages An Awkward First Date During An Interview, In Case You Forgot She’s Awesome

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Kristen Wiig Jimmy Kimmel January 2014

In case you work up this morning terrified that you'd never discover another reason to want Kristen Wiig to be your best friend, calm down and watch this video. Kristen went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote her new IFC miniseries The Spoils of Babylon. But Kristen Wiig isn't one to just sit down in a comfy talk show chair, shoot the breeze and pimp her projects for ten minutes and then go home. I mean, this is the woman who wore doll hands on live television for multiple seasons.

So obviously Kristen reveals that she scheduled a first date for the same time as the interview, and therefore she'll have to do them both at the same time. Obviously it's incredibly awkward. And not in the typical “We have nothing in common so I'm just going to pretend my food is really, really interesting” kind of awkward first date way. In a “put the lotion in the basket” and/or “a boy's best friend is his mother” kind of way. Naturally Jimmy has to step in and come to Kristen's rescue. It's extremely relatable for anyone who's ever been so desperate to get away from someone that they try to convince the other person that they have a thing to go to.

This video is just another reminder that Kristen Wiig is crazy hilarious. I get sad sometimes knowing that she's no longer in the cast of Saturday Night Live, but thankfully her career has taken off elsewhere, and she's famous enough to get away with silly stunts like this on talk shows. I'm expecting her to do something like this during every interview she ever gives. Just keep that in mind if you're reading this, Kristen. And if you are reading this, hey there. Want to get brunch sometime?