Kristen Wiig And Fred Armisen Dubbing Seth Meyers’ Show With Australian Accents Is Delightful

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Kristen Wiig Late Night With Seth Meyers August 2015

Kristen Wiig was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, and with Fred Armisen as Seth's band leader, that means it was a mini SNL cast reunion. I love it when SNL alums visit Seth or Jimmy Fallon's shows, because the interviews end up being so natural, and it's like watching a group of friends hang out. And as anyone who's hung out with friends before knows, things can get real silly real fast. One minute you're all on someone's couch quietly watching a movie, and the next minute you're having a competition to see who makes the best fart noises.

There are no fart noises in this video from last night's show, but there is silliness. Kristen tells Seth that she's been keeping busy dubbing American TV shows for foreign audiences, including Late Night. So obviously they play some examples, except instead of being prerecorded, Kristen makes it up on the spot. Pretty soon Fred joins her, and it just gets more and more ridiculous. It's kind of like when Kristen goes on The Tonight Show dressed as someone she knows nothing about and has to answer questions, combined with a Garth and Kat sketch (as several viewers pointed out), since Fred is involved.

After two rounds of just saying random things in their own voices, Kristen and Fred get around to dubbing “in Australian.” That just means adopting Australian accents. You know, so the Australians can understand. And what do you know, they both have really excellent Australian accents! Fred's Australian Shaq is particularly good, and Kristen's Australian Seth is adorable. It's almost enough to make me forgive her for everything she put me through with A Deadly Adoption. Almost, mind you. It'll take a few more accents for her to really gain my trust back. So go ahead and get on that, Kristen.