Watch This Super Old Kristen Wiig Sketch From Her Improv Days And Tell Me You Don’t Want To Be A Tooth Fairy

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Kristen Wiig Melinda Hill Confessions of a Tooth Fairy Groundlings

Earlier today, The New York Times published a great article on what it's like to audition for Saturday Night Live. They talked to some of the best cast members (Will Ferrell) and some of the forgotten cast members (Jay Mohr) about the incredibly stressful process. Truth be told, I got angina just from reading it. However, seeing that I'm the bravest person I know, I got through it one piece and started clicking around the post. One second I'm reading about auditions, the next second I'm reading an extended interview with Kristen Wiig about her audition experience. And there, right in the middle of that extended interview is this amazing video from her improv days.

Even though I knew she came from The Groundlings, I never thought to google her old sketches. Why? I don't know. I guess I'm not as good of a celebrity stalker as I thought I was. It's definitely something for me to address in future therapy sessions. I'll get to it right after I woke on this enormous issue I have about eating yogurt on the day it expires. You have that problem too, right? The one where you debate with yourself whether it's still safe to eat or if it will give you debilitating food poisoning — and you know it's definitely one or the other.

Anyway Kristen Wiig did this amazing sketch with someone named Melinda Hill called, “Confessions of a Tooth Fairy.” While it's nowhere near as funny as her Michael Jordan impression, it's still up there with it's “where did that come from?” factor. Even though I'm not exactly sure when it was performed, I do see that Melinda Hill uploaded it in 2006. However I have a feeling it's older than that due to the fact that Kristen joined the SNL cast in the 2005-2006 season. Age aside, it's a wonderful watch!