Kristen Wiig Dresses As Harry Styles For An Interview, And It’s Everything You Ever Wanted And More

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Kristen Wiig as Harry Styles on Jimmy Fallon 2014

Whether or not you woke up this morning with a burning desire to watch Kristen Wiig do an entire interview while she's dressed as Harry Styles, that's exactly what you're gonna get. Don't thank me. Thank Jimmy Fallon, who had her on The Tonight Show last night. If there was any doubt in your mind that Jimmy's new time slot would be just as weird and ridiculous as Late Night, the sight of Kristen in those skinny pants and iconic hair should clear things up for you.

Kristen's no stranger to doing silly things on talk shows. Just last summer she showed up to Jimmy's show dressed like Michael Jordan, bald cap and all. She's also staged an awkward first date and shown up with toilet paper on her shoe for Jimmy Kimmel's show. But I think the Harry Styles stunt might take the cake. And then it takes another cake just for the hell of it. It's that good. It also has its cake and eats it too, but I don't think that's relevant in this case.

If you're expecting Kristen to imitate Harry's accent and reply to every question in the way Harry would reply, I'm sorry to say that's not what she does. But wait, don't leave! It's somehow a million times funnier because of that. Only Jimmy Fallon would have someone who knows nothing about One Direction impersonate one of its members. Because Kristen is so in the dark about all things 1D, the interview turns into a Garth and Kat sketch a minute in, with Jimmy replacing Fred Armisen and helping Kristen through the answers. And of course they end the interview with a duet of “What Makes You Beautiful.” Guys, Kristen Wiig selflessly donated her precious interview time to make this magic happen. It is, in short, the most important video you'll watch today.

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