Kristen Wiig Confirms A Deadly Adoption Was Not A Parody, So What, Pray Tell, Was The Point?

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A Deadly Adoption

You'll have to forgive me for still being salty about Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's Lifetime movie A Deadly Adoption. Everything about it was a hot mess, from the initial announcement and promotion to the movie itself, that I can't stop myself from ranting about it every chance I get. I've gotten another chance today thanks to a new interview between Kristen Wiig and Vulture (via HollywoodLife).

As I discussed in my review of the movie, most viewers were expecting a parody of Lifetime movies that exaggerated the silly tropes we witness from week to week. Instead, it turned out to be a pretty generic movie for the network that just happened to star two very funny people not really going out of their way to be funny. People were understandably confused, a state which was worsened by a Lifetime exec's statement that the movie wasn't even intended to be funny in the first place.

Kristen confirms this:

“No, it wasn't a parody at all. I think people assumed it was [a comedy] because Will and I were in it, but it wasn't.”

Well, naturally we assumed that. What other reason would there be to cast two brilliant comedians if it's not supposed to be funny? That's not to say Kristen and Will aren't capable of drama, but they're certainly not at the points in their careers where that drama would come in the form of a Lifetime movie.

Vulture asks Kristen whether she thinks the movie was “misunderstood” or “mislabeled.”

“Well, I guess you can call it a mislabeling. I thought it was great, I was very happy with it and we had a lot of fun making it, but the goal was never to make a parody.”

Of course Kristen isn't going to say she's disappointed in her own movie, but I'm just so baffled about how anyone involved in this could have thought it would work to take a non-satirical approach. I'm even more baffled by the presence of a few moments in the movie that seemed to be aiming for laughs. They weren't enough to qualify the project as a parody, but their inclusion definitely contradicts the assertion that it was never supposed to be funny. WHAT GIVES, LIFETIME?

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