Kristen Stewart’s Star Has Already Risen

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Kristen StewartKristen Stewart won the Orange Rising Star award at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts last night in London, beating out her Adventureland costar Jesse Eisenberg, A Single Man star Nicholas Hoult (formerly of the amazing British teen soap Skins), An Education‘s Carey Mulligan, and Tahar Rahim from France's Foreign Language Oscar nominee, A Prophet.

While we think Kristen is more than deserving of the award, didn't it come a year too late? She's been working steadily since appearing as Jodie Foster‘s daughter in 2002's The Panic Room, but she broke out in the past few years with a string of notable performances (Into the Wild, In the Land of Women, The Cake Eaters, and oh yeah, Twilight). She's on the cover of tabloids as often as Angie and Brad, her “are they or aren't they?” alleged romance with costar Robert Pattinson makes for constant blog speculation, and she's about to get paid a reported $12 million for the next Twilight installment, Eclipse.

Girlfriend is already a star.

The award should've gone to someone on the verge of becoming a household name, not someone who already is. Jesse, on the other hand, has managed to sail under the radar in critically acclaimed indie films for the past decade, but with Adventureland, Zombieland, and the release of The Social Network (a.k.a. “the Facebook movie”) later this year, we're sure he's finally about to catapult to moviestardom. Ah, if only we handed out awards. Oh, wait.

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