Kristen Stewart Wants To Date Zac Efron, And I’d Pay Such Big Money To See That

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Kristen Stewart attending Kid's Choice Awards March 2013 purple checked dressYou know how when people ask you what sort of superpower you'd want, you're not supposed to say ‘invisibility' because it gives you away as a complete and total creeper? Well I just heard that Kristen Stewart apparently wants to date Zac Efron, and I WANT TO BE INVISIBLE AND WATCH THAT TAKE PLACE SO BADLY.

Even if it's not true — which it probably isn't — I want it to be so badly. I would pay serious money to watch these two try to love up on each other. According to a source in Star Magazine, Kristen is kind of the one leading the charge, because she wants to change it up from dour old Robert Pattinson. What a cold fish, y'know? Always gazing at her intensely and tracing her jawline with his finger. She's ready for more of a good-time gal! Like Zefron!

“Kristen’s relationship with Rob was so tense. She’s ready to have a good time, and wants to date a completely different type of guy.”

Well if that's how you feel, you're gonna love Zac! He likes long walks on the beach, jellyfish stings, and gay rumors. He thinks he likes threesomes as well, but he's never gotten far enough into one to be able to tell. He also hasn't dated anyone seriously since Vanessa Hudgens, so good luck filling those shoes, amirite?!?!

“He’s a bit of a playboy. So he wants to keep his partying lifestyle intact. He’s not looking for anything emotional, and Kristen doesn’t want anything serious. This could work out great for both of them.”

This is just my dream couple in so many ways, you guys. I can't stop daydreaming about exactly how they'd make it work. They'd have to meet in the middle of their two lifestyles somewhere, obviously, but i can't decide if I'd rather see Zac Efron as an angsty, sparkling vampire, or Kristen dancing around in a High School Musical sequel. Nevermind, I'm an idiot, that's so obvious. It's Kristen in HSM all the way. Obviously. Any day of the week. That's the sort of situation that 3D cameras were built for, y'know what I mean? Oh my god, I'd be obsessed with those ganglesongs and grimacedances.

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