Kristen Stewart Wore Robert Pattinson’s Hat At Coachella Proving Their Eternal Love Or Her Lack Of Hats

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For someone who's private about her relationship you'd think Kristen Stewart would know enough not to wear Robert Pattinson's baseball hat in a public place. Wearing your BF's clothes is as much a public declaration of your relationship as a Facebook status change, yet Kristen still wore the hat this weekend at Coachella. The hat in question is believed to Rob's because he's been photographed in a black Orioles hat before. Of course it's also possible they're both such big Orioles fans they got matching caps, which I think rockets them from young couple in love to old married couple.

Robert was at Coachella this weekend too, though it doesn't look like he was wearing anything of hers to signify their undying devotion (though he could have been wearing her lucky socks or something. Maybe his is a secret tribute). Regardless of the meaning behind their clothing choices the pair seems to have enjoyed each others company; a source told Celebuzz, ”They were kissing and holding hands during Radiohead.”

Maybe they can split the cost of a concert t-shirt to share?

Photo: (PopSugar)