Kristen Stewart Is Glamour UK’s Best Dressed, Proving A Stoney Stare Goes With Everything

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Kristen Stewart
has a another title to add to her resume among the endless MTV Movie Awards; UK's Glamour Magazine has named her best dressed. I guess that means black is the new black.

With so many stylish celebs they could have given the title to Glamour's editors had an explanation ready to lay our why Kristen got the crown. They explained, “Her evolution from awkward teen to style queen has made the ‘Twilight’ star a fashion icon every girl can relate to.” Shouldn't the “every girl” be envying the best dressed star, not relating to her? The Glamour editors must have gone to a very interesting high school.

Whether Kristen deserves this honor can and will be debated. She looked really cute in the electric blue lace bodycon dress at the Kid's Choice Awards, but she also seems to spend a lot of time in worn looking T-shirts. Maybe that just proves if you want to be stylish you can rock sweats, you just have to wear them with attitude.

Photo: (EgoTV)