Let’s Stop Calling Kristen Stewart A Homewrecker, Because If I Recall She’s Not The One Married With Two Kids

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Regardless of what you feel about the motivations behind Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, let's agree to stop calling her a homewrecker.

Not only is it an incredibly antiquated term that brings up visions of harlots seducing men in suits while their wives bake bread at home, but it's placing the blame for this entire affair on Kristen Stewart. If I recall, and I do believe I recall correctly, Rupert Sanders is the married man with two young children. Not Kristen Stewart.

However that hasn't people stopped all over the internet, and even on this site, from labeling her a homewrecker. A woman who set out to destroy a happy family with her rampant sexuality.

While I don't want to say that at 22, Kristen Stewart's not responsible for her action, she's still just 22. An age when people make mistakes and an age when people make bad decisions. That doesn't let her off the hook and it doesn't make cheating okay. But it makes it understandable. What 22-year-old hasn't made incredibly poor choices when it comes to their personal life?

However,  I can definitively say that it's less okay that Rupert Sanders cheated on his wife Liberty Ross. He's 41 and he has two young children. As someone almost 20 years older than Kristen Stewart, he should know better.

By labeling Kristen Stewart a homewrecker, people are implying that she barged into Rupert Sanders' home and demanded that they have an affair in front of his wife and children. And that he valiantly protested her efforts with proclamtions that he loves his wife and he loves his children too much to ever do this.

But that her womanly wiles won out and that as a man, Rupert Sanders, had no choice but to have an affair. It reduces this entire relationship to one in which a man's completely powerless over an attractive woman. That as a man, he's morally obligated to have sex with whatever vagina steps into his path. He can't help it, it's just science.

Let's get something straight here. Perfectly content married couples don't cheat on each other. No woman, no matter how voluptuous and seductive, can walk into a happy marriage and destroy it out of sheer will. (Hear that Team Aniston??)

Men have the power to make choices in the same exact way that women have the power to make choices. And it's Rupert Sanders who chose to wreck his home by having an affair with a woman 19 years younger than him. It's not Kristen Stewart.

So call her a cheater, a fake, a whatever. But don't call her a homewrecker.

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