Kristen Stewart Uses Her Affair To Actually Set A Good Example For Young Women

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I've got to hand it to Kristen Stewart. In the two days since news broke that she cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, she's handled the situation wonderfully. In fact, I'll go as far as to say she's fully embraced her position as a role model for young women by responding to this situation like a mature adult.

In a world of celebrity denials, half-assed apologies and “please respect my family during this delicate time” press statements, Kristen Stewart's breaking all the rules. Which shouldn't surprise us, since this is the same actress who looks like she's being taken hostage every time she's forced to do an interview. She's never seemed keen to following Hollywod's rules (they're similar to the 10 Commandments. Except they're not carved into stone tablets. They're written on aging actress' heads in botox) and doesn't seem interested in starting now.

Within a day of the world finding out that she made out with Rupert, she released a heartfelt apology. Something that felt more like it was being ripped from the pages of an old Xanga, and not from a publicist's handbook. How can you hate someone who says,”love” twice in one apology? Especially a 22-year-old woman who issued her apology before the 41-year-old guy with a wife and two kids.

And now, sources tells Radar Online that she's writing a private apology to Liberty Ross, Rupert Sander's wife and mother of his two kids.

“Instead, she’s going to do the decent thing and write Liberty a private letter expressing her deepest regret for her actions. She was thinking of including Liberty, Rupert and the kids in her public apology – but Kristen was so desperate to save her relationship with Rob she decided to concentrate on that first. Kristen feels she made a terribly naïve mistake and will do anything to make amends. The fact that Liberty and Rupert have two kids has now dawned on her and she feels awful for what she did,” the source revealed.

Whether or not this is all part of some elaborate scheme to get out of her relationship with Rob and Hollywood or she's truly sorry for making a mistake, she's handling it so maturely and so appropriately that I can't help but like her.

She made a mistake, she accepted responsibility for her actions and now she's working hard to make up for what she did. There's no pretending it didn't happen or that it didn't have consequences. There's no blaming other people and there's no attempt to deflect attention to something else.

And that is what makes her a role model for young women. Especially young women who are going to enter high school, college and the real world in the coming years and need this kind of positive and realistic influence in their lives.  Someone who shows them that it's okay to make mistakes and it's okay to make bad choices, just understand that when you do, you need to take responsibility for the consequences. And that's one of the first practical lessons I've seen coming from a celebrity in a long time.

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