That Time Kristen Stewart Talked To Robert Redford About Pooping Her Pants

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Kristen Stewart Conan April 2015

Yesterday Kristen Stewart went on Conan, just in time for us to watch the interview and talk about it today, her 25th birthday. Just because Kristen is a year older now doesn't mean she's a year less awkward. So obviously she told Conan all about the time she met Robert Redford at the Sundance Film Festival… and proceeded to talk to him about pooping her pants. Not necessarily the route I'd personally take when meeting a Hollywood icon, but to each her weird, uncomfortable own, I suppose.

Before we get into the Robert Redford poopy pants part of the interview, it's also worth mentioning that Kristen and Conan talk about her appearance in drag for Jenny Lewis' music video for “Just One Of The Guys” last year. That was quite possibly the most entertained I've ever been by Kristen Stewart, so I was excited to hear her discuss it. When Conan asks Kristen if she was channeling Justin Bieber, she gets a great zinger in: “In his dreams.” (Cue Maury-style “Oooooh!” sounds.) Unfortunately I only got to enjoy that sick burn for about half a second, because Kristen immediately acts ashamed and takes it back. Damnit lady, it was funny. OWN IT!

She then moves on to the Robert Redford story and gives us a nice little self-deprecating joke about how nervous she is about pretty much everything. She was maybe a little bit too self-deprecating during her Redford encounter, however, since when he asked how she was doing, she replied, “I feel like I'm gonna shit my pants.” Honest, sure. And we've all had at least a few “OMG OMG I'm so nervous I'm gonna poop!” moments in our lives. But actually admitting it is the kind of thing I thought only happened in sitcoms. Luckily Robert went along with it and was totally cool, but wow. Just wow.