Video: Will Ferrell Is Super Broken Up About Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson

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As you know, the Crushable staff is pretty cynical about this whole Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, Robert Pattinson‘s heartbreak, and her tearful attempts to get him back. It smacks of “PR stunt” to us, especially with Breaking Dawn, Part 2 coming out in just three months and both of their post-Twilight movies getting a lot of buzz. So, we've kept ourselves at a distance since the news broke a week or so ago, and pondered conspiracy theories in a way that would rival any TV procedural.

That said, it's fun to see someone take an equally mocking but very different stance on the whole Robsten drama. Enter Will Ferrell, who appeared on Conan last night already in tears, because this break-up has been very hard on him. His overwrought declarations of “I don't know if there was anything I could've done to prevent it” and “What they had was so special, you could never know!” are doubly funny, since he's playing off the joke of some older, actually talented actor giving a shit about these kids' drama, and he's (I think) poking fun at the obsessed Twilight fans who tweet “Robsten is unbroken” and such. It's like when Jim Carrey published that video of him proclaiming his love for Emma Stone… except, you know, not skin-crawlingly creepy.

And of course Conan O'Brien plays off Will great, being the straight man. As great as it was on a talk show couch, though, I would love to see Will pull this same act on RPattz on the Cosmopolis red carpet—or better yet, to go after KStew, since on the off-chance this is true Rob doesn't need more teasing.