We’re Just A Few More Mysterious Romantic Gestures Away From Robert Pattinson Reuniting With Kristen Stewart

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After weeks of having our hearts stomped on by the ugly break-up of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. And odds are that light's connected to the flash bulb of a conveniently tipped off paparazzo's camera.

Yesterday, Kristen Stewart left her lair of infidelity and lies to grace us with her presence. While many Robsten fans assumed she'd run off with Rob to Mexico to get married and many Libsten (Liberty Ross/Kristen) fans thought they'd retreated to a lesbian love den in Canada, she evidently spent her entire media hibernation hiding in Rob's closet.

His literal closet.

How else do you explain the fact that she re-emerged into society yesterday wearing his hat, his bracelet and his backpack. A hat, bracelet and backpack that he allegedly wore in NYC this past week during his interviews for Cosmopolis last week. (Awesome comparison photo via @Naira_TVD here)

While we searched every nook and cranny in the City of Regrets for her, she hid in the one place we didn't look. Her own home that she shared with Rob.

As someone who's undeniably very aware of the media hype her cameo into the world of the living would make yesterday, she made a very active choice to wear Rob's stuff. Why? She's giving fans a teaser, a hint that she might be in the process of reconciling with Rob.

Perhaps in the hopes that this renewed interest on whether she's back with him will not only make all their fans forget she strayed, but also remind them that she has Rob's approval. And if she has Rob's approval, then she must be a-okay — and not a trampire who deserves to be dumped on by angry Twihards.

These are the necessary steps one must take after a PR stunt turns everyone against you.

So look for more signs, teasers and hints over the next few weeks. Get ready for the media to prepare for their reconciliation like it matters.

Then, when they appear at some point in the future, holding their hands together triumphantly and blurting out lovely declarations of love, look for the publicist in the corner. She'll be the one getting the promotion for pulling off a fantastic stunt.

One that's still, somehow unsuspected by so many people. Riddle me that fans. How do you still believe that any of this is real?

P.S Since I'm not allowed to use the real photo from yesterday, I hope this one of her in Rob's clothes will do.

(Photos: PCN Photos)