In Twilight’s Final Act Of Badassness, Edward Uses Bella As A Weapon In The Breaking Dawn VMAs Trailer

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer MTV VMAs Edward Bella weapon Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer MTV VMAs Edward Bella weapon Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

Oh shit, guys, the new teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn, Part 2 premiered at tonight's MTV Video Music Awards! The whole Twilight cast was there, minus Kristen Stewart who's up in Canada for TIFF and plus Robert Pattinson‘s smile. It was a celebratory, emotional night for Twihards to usher in this final installment in the trilogy.

Except… maybe it's just me, but there didn't seem to be much new in this teaser. We hit all the main points that we've already seen:

  • Bella is a badass vampire who tackles cougars and has hot (or rather, ice-cold?) sex with her husband Edward
  • meanwhile, Renesmee is adorable and grows every day under the watchful eye of her nanny/soulmate Jacob
  • but the Volturi think the Cullens turned Renesmee as a child and want to exterminate her
  • cue badass vamps-and-wolves-vs.-Volturi battle in the snow, because all of Twilight‘s fight scenes require a thick white powder

But what we had now that we didn't have when the first teaser came out, was context. Now we could analyze every unenthusiastic voiceover from Kristen as boredom with this franchise that sucked her in; we groan when we see Rob embrace her, because we know that soon she'll be leaving him. You almost want to look away when he grabs her hand in the last shot, because this poor boy got his heart broken.

Except—wait, is Edward grabbing Bella's hand and sharing that soulful look deep into her eyes so he can pick her up and swing her around as a weapon to roundhouse kick some Volturi? You bet your sweet ass that's what just happened. Yep, watching the same footage was worth it just for this final moment.

I wonder what went through Rob's head as he watched this clip up on the big screen at the awards. Maybe he felt a bittersweet longing for the days when he and Kristen would sneak away to one of their trailers for an afternoon makeout session in their white makeup and red contacts. Or perhaps he felt just the tiniest bit of schadenfreude that he got to throw her around a little bit, even when he didn't know that she was possibly shtupping Rupert Sanders at the time. He got to get some of his anger out on-set before he even realized he had something to be upset about.

November 16th is only about two months away!

.gifs: lethaleverdeen on Tumblr