Kristen Stewart Got A Pen For Her Birthday, And It Cost More Than A Small Yacht

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Kristen Stewart Rob Pattinson with arms around each other November 16, 2012

I've received some pretty lackluster birthday presents from the men in my life at one time or another. Like that one time I got a box of Cookie Crisp. Yeah, that's a real life early twenty-something romantic gift. But I guess I shouldn't feel too bad because Robert Pattinson got Kristen Stewart a pen for her birthday this year. A freakin' pen! Star's boyfriends, they're just like ours! Oh, wait, the pen actually cost 30,000 British pounds and is one of 40 that exist. So, news flash, your boyfriend's still a pleb.

Something you may not know about young K-Stew: she's a collector of pens. So when she turned 23 on April 9th, 26-year old Rob decided to go all out for her this year and purchase her a pair of limited edition Tibaldi Bentley Crewe Fountain Pens. As reported by Female First.com, the set rang up at a 30,000 GBP price tag. With the conversion rate from British to American, these pens cost around 46,000 US Dollars. AKA, you could take that amount of money and purchase this small yacht on EBay, and still have money left over for about 1.5 tropical vacations. Or you could buy 9 Vespa scooters, and you'd still have enough money left over for 333 bottles of Charles Shaw. Just some alternative ideas…

But, how did they make these pens so crazy ‘spensive anyway? Well, in addition to being glazed in unicorn blood, the Tibaldi Bentley Crewe pen is the fruit of a collaboration between luxury Italian pen retailer Tibaldi and British luxury motorist Bentley. A source tells Female First that the pens “have a two-tone 18-carat yellow gold nib covered in rhodium and ruthenium.” All of these elements combined give these writing implements the value of around 46,000 dollars– a total bargain for Vampire celebrities and Abu Dhabi gazillionaires to spend on something that their friends will chew on and lend to strangers, only to get lost forever. Rob, you really know how to make a girl swoon.

(Photo from Apega/WENN)