Seeing Kristen Stewart Glow On The On The Road Red Carpet Makes Me Realize How Much She Hated Twilight

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kristen stewart on the road smilingThere's nothing more cliche at this point in our pop culture history than pointing out that Kristen Stewart never smiles on the red carpet. For years we assumed that her moody demeanor simply reflected the inner turmoil she felt as her movies forced her to be in her spotlight. However last night she attended the New York City premiere of On the Road  and oddly enough, looked happy to be there.

Not like “pasted smile on my face because I know people are looking,” but actually happy to be there promoting her movie. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that she glowed last night from the inside out. Maybe, and I know this is a big maybe, she possibly even laughed aloud last night. Perhaps it was at a joke a co-star told or perhaps it was a funny thought she had in her own head as she glanced upon her smiling face in the ladies room mirror. Either way, I'm saying it could have actually happened.

Kristen Stewart Smiling On The Road Premiere

And it's not a fluke! When she appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to discuss On the Road, she happily spoke about making the film. Sure she's still Kristen Stewart and sure she's still incredibly awkward to watch in interviews, but still, there was a light within in that I've never seen before. She used the word “passion” to describe how she felt about making this movie. 

So the only real conclusion I can draw from all this happiness is that she really hated promoting her work in the Twilight franchise. Because it turns out that a dour expression isn't really her favorite red carpet accessory. Like so many other human beings, she likes smiling!

(Photos: Hall/Pena, PacificCoastNews.com)