Check Out Kristen Stewart’s Mating Dance In The On The Road Trailer

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Further proof that the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal is some genius PR stunt: It perfectly coincides with her big post-Twilight project On the Road. As we've said before, there are fans and parent groups worried that K. Stew topless and jerking off two guys in a moving car is going to scar all the Twihards who know her as virginal Bella Swan. So Kristen's team set up this scandal to slowly ease her more impressionable fans into envisioning her as a sexual creature. (Not that she owes it to them to continue to play a prude.) So, buckle in, kids, because the first official trailer for On the Road is here!

…It's actually not that bad. Out of all of the photos and clips of Kristen associated with the movie that we've seen so far, it's the tamest: Footage of her sexually precocious character Marylou dancing with her husband Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund), steamy but definitely clothed. Still, you can tell she's really into it, and I can't help but wonder if Kristen used these kinds of moves in real life on her now-ex Robert Pattinson or when seducing (if you believe that) her director Rupert Sanders.

Of course, as wide-eyed and compelling as Kristen is, she's not the main event of the film. I haven't seen anything Sam Riley is in, but his narration and shy smile make me excited to watch him as protagonist Sal Paradise. Garrett Hedlund is mesmerizing; I know he's going to play Dean's charisma and disregard for anyone's feelings so well. We also catch glimpses of the other ladies I didn't even know were involved in the movie: Kirsten Dunst as Dean's side piece Camille, plus Amy Adams and Elisabeth Moss.

On the Road is out December 21, 2012.