Kristen Stewart Is Done With Twilight, Not Medicore Acting

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Kristen Stewart Topless On the Road

Despite the fact that fans hailed On the Road as Kristen Stewart's chance to prove to critics that she possessed an incredible talent for acting, it's not. Sorry I'm not sorry for making this bold this statement. I know that everyone wanted her to leave the Twilight franchise this year and rebirth herself as the second coming of Jennifer Lawrence, but she won't.

Sure it's always nice to see a child star stereotyped by their franchise break the mold and prove that they're more than a vampire or a wizard. But it doesn't always happen. For every Emma Watson, there's an Amanda Bynes. A child star who's skills don't exactly carry over as easily into the adult world of film-making. Twilight needed an angst-ridden teen to play the role of Bella Swan and Kristen Stewart fit the role perfectly.

Ever since that first movie, fans have defended her against critics who have found her acting lacking that passion and that drive that draws audiences to root for a character. As someone who's only seen Breaking Dawn — Part 2, I have to agree. She appears bored and annoyed on screen — completely uninterested in the events taking place around her. Which I find peculiar because the movie makes us understand how grave the situation is with the Volturi. Yet the person who it impacts the most reacts with bored stares and longing gazes. You could easily do a supercut of this movie and call it “college student zones out during class.”

Her acting's blamed on a poor script and an even poorer plot. Sure, I bought this going into the theater for On the Road. She certainly didn't wow me in Snow White and the Huntsman earlier this year, but neither did that plot. So I decided to wipe her slate clean, go in with the intention of finding something redeeming about her acting. Now let me make this clear, she's not a horrible actress.

She definitely embraces her role as Marylou with more enthusiasm and passion than any of her other films. But not being a horrible actress doesn't make her a good one. At no point did her acting blow me away. Yes, she certainly smiled a lot more in this movie than Breaking Dawn, but portraying a happy person doesn't mean she's suddenly eligible for awards.  And that's okay.

It's okay to be a decent actress in Hollywood. Goodness knows there are tons of mediocre movies in need of decent actors. But I think it's safe to say that Kristen Stewart's not a great actress. I know this will be hard for Twilight fans to admit to themselves, but it's true. It's okay to accept that not every promising child star grows up to be an Academy Award winner. Sometimes they just grow up.

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