Kristen Stewart Looks Like She’s Back To Her Old Self, And By That I Mean Clinically Unhappy In The Spotlight

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Looks like someone unlocked Kristen Stewart from her tower of shame and solitude and allowed her to attend the Florence and the Machine concert this weekend with her father. As soon as she stepped back into the public spotlight, she glowed as only Kristen Stewart can glow.

Oh did I write glowed? I meant glowered.

Did she smile at all that night? Very possibly! But did she also look completely miserable to have cameras being shoved in her face? Absolutely!

Should we all take a moment now to remember how much Kristen Stewart hates being in the spotlight. Especially when that spotlight's not part of a press event that she's required to attend. With all the excitement over her cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders to boost sales for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, I completely forgot about the K.Stew that we love.

Or I should say the K.Stew that we used to love to hate. The not-every-smiling jokes just came so easily.

Remember that girl? The one who walked down red carpets like she was walking the plank. The girl who wore sneakers to awards shows. The not-so-charming young lady who  awkwardly presented at award shows in such an unenthusiastic way that we all cringed on our couches at home.

Well, she's baacckkkk! And all I got to say is hey girl hey, your familiar faces are making me nostalgic for the pre-scandal pre-fence-cuddlin' days.

So for everyone who's worried about her and fretted over her and cried tears of sadness for her, fear not! Our girl's back in action and looking just as ambivalent about being famous as ever!

(Photos: David Tonnessen, PacificCoastNews.com)