Of Course Rupert Sanders Raved About Kristen Stewart, That’s His Job

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Ugh. I'm already annoyed with the overanalysis of the Rupert Sanders commentary on the soon-to-be-released Snow White and the Huntsman DVD. While we all knew that this would happen because it plays perfectly into the timing of this “Kristen Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson” publicity stunt, it still drives me crazy that outlets are reporting everything so salaciously.

Us Weekly received an advanced copy of the commentary and kicked the morning off with this headline, “Rupert Sanders Calls Kristen Stewart ‘Amazing,' ‘Flawless' in Snow White and the Huntsman DVD Commentary.” Then proceeded to excerpt lines from Rupert Sanders where he raved about Kristen Stewart's performance.

“First time we see Kristen Stewart!” Sanders exclaims when Stewart first appears as Snow White locked up in castle. “This is the first dialogue I shot with her, I said maybe you do a prayer. Her accent was flawless, she did such an amazing job on it…Kristen was amazing,” he says of the Twilight star's performance in Snow White.

While I can't deny that he's saying extremely positive things about his lead actress, it's obvious why he's doing it. It's not because he's in love with her and it's not because he's trying to send some kind of secret message out to the world that they're dating. It's because this is his job.

DVD commentary compliments the film. That's the point of it. You will never see a director talk about how much he hates his lead actor's performance in the DVD commentary because that would make no sense.

“Kristen Stewart destroyed the movie with her offensive attempt at acting. Never before in the history of movies have I ever witnessed such an atrocious performance.”

Seriously, what else would he say besides amazing things? So before you get caught up reading too much into the commentary, remember that promoting Kristen Stewart is Rupert Sanders' job. This would be the commentary with or without a neverending cheating scandal.

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