Has Anyone Else Noticed That Kristen Stewart And Jennifer Lawrence Have The Same Career?

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Picture this. An up-and-coming actress gets cast to play the lead in the movie adaptation of a beloved book series. Before the movie even hits the big screen, rabid fans are analyzing everything about her to determine if she's really the best fit for the role. After the movie premieres, she's a national icon — beloved by all, envied by many.

In an attempt not to get typecast as the tragic heroic figure in a teenage drama, she seeks out more artistically challenging films to do in between movie installments — making her a critical darling as well as a mainstream movie star.

Who am I describing? (And don't cheat by referring back to the title of this post!)

If you guessed Jennifer Lawrence OR Kristen Stewart, you're right!  (However if you guessed anyone else you're wrong and you should probably try to improve your context clues skills.)

Both actresses rose to fame for playing heroines. Both actresses are beloved by fans and both actresses are talented enough to have careers long after their work on The Hunger Games and Twilight ends. And both actresses starred in critically-acclaimed films — On the Road and The Silver Linings Playbook — aside from their blockbuster franchises this year.

But only one made our 25 Crushable Girls Under 25 list.

This wasn't an oversight and this wasn't a mistake, we purposefully didn't choose Kristen Stewart to be on our list. She's simply not crushable. She may be a talented actress and she may be getting unfairly crucified for a cheating scandal, but that doesn't mean she's someone who we admire.

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