Look Inside Kristen Stewart’s Hacked Email Inbox And See What The Rest Of Hollywood Has To Say About Her Cheating On Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart hacked email inbox Rupert Sanders Robert Pattinson Charlie Theron Reese Witherspoon Taylor SwiftThis Kristen Stewart cheating scandal just keeps getting weirder and weirder. In the last day, we've witnessed major players take different sides: Jodie Foster has publicly consoled her on-screen daughter, while Reese Witherspoon offered Robert Pattinson her vacation ranch to recuperate at. (Um, OK?) Although for the most part everyone seems to hate Kristen for being an alleged homewrecker, conveniently forgetting to lay any blame on Rupert Sanders for cheating on his wife. But we're dying to know what the rest of Hollywood thinks! Which is why we love this peek into K. Stew's Gmail, where she's fielding death threats from Charlize Theron, questionable support from Taylor Swift, and bitchy brush-offs from her female Twilight co-stars.

Obviously this is a fake. The mock-up comes from the witty Ronald AngSiy at CrossLives, which appears to be a fairly straightforward forum for discussing various topics. (The limited list runs the gamut from Celebrities, where this came from, to Philosophy and Windows 8.) He's done a smart job of weaving in the various aspects of this PR stunt: Kristen's mentor Charlize sternly chastising her, Kristen's uncharacteristically emotional attempts to win Rob back, and the requisite Kanye West “Imma let you finish…” reference. (Click to enlarge.)

Kristen Stewart hacked email inbox Rupert Sanders Robert Pattinson Liberty Ross Charlize Theron Taylor Swift

It's so difficult to choose a favorite here! The LeBron James reference made me giggle, but it's so much more realistic for Anna Kendrick to write Kristen an email with the subject line “please stop telling people we are friends.” And of course, you can bet that Tom Cruise is actually thanking his lucky stars in real life that Kristen's “momentary indiscretion” took some of the attention off his creepy Scientology divorce from Katie Holmes. But no, Reese's “panic room” threat takes the cake.

Of course, it's missing any messages from the one man we want to hear from…

Photos: Brian To/WENN.com and CrossLives