Kristen Stewart Might Be Dating A Girl, And It’s Just Nice Not To Hear About Robsten For A Change

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Kristen Stewart Paris Fashion Week July 2013Kristen Stewart has remained pretty under the radar lately, what with no vampire movies or cheating scandals to report on, so it was about time for a new and exciting rumor to spread about her. This time it's the rumor that she's dating her friend Alicia Cargile. And no, that's not a man named Alicia. It's a lady. Whether it's true or not, can we all agree that it's nice to hear a Kristen Stewart dating rumor that doesn't involve Robert Pattinson for a change?

Sources are saying Kristen and Alicia got closer when Alicia comforted Kristen after her split from Rob last year. Okay, so it does have something to do with Robert Pattinson, because of course it does. But at least it's not about them reuniting or pining after each other or trying to make the other one jealous. Kristen and Alicia have apparently been out and about wearing the same clothes at different times, which isn't really proof enough for me. Kristen doesn't seem to be very into fashion, so I wouldn't be surprised if she just bought whatever she saw her friend bought. She also wore Rob's clothes a lot, but maybe she just doesn't own clothes at all.

There have been lesbian rumors about Kristen for a while now. She was also rumored to have something going on with Katy Perry's assistant Tamra Natisin last year. According to Showbiz Spy, people think Kristen might have been influenced by her mom Jules, who reportedly moved in with her girlfriend after breaking up with her husband in 2010. Here's what a source said: “All of Jules’ close friends are gay, and she’s made Kristen more comfort­able with exploring her own sexuality.”

Umm… I don't really think that's how being gay works. It's not like when you have a college roommate who listens to Nickelback 24/7, and even though you started the year hating Nickelback with a passion, by the time you move out it's all you ever want to hear. That's just a hypothetical story, not based on personal experience whatsoever. But hey, if Kristen Stewart wants to listen to Nickelback (and by listen to Nickelback I mean date a lady), then that's just swell.

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