Kristen Stewart Secretly/Sketchily Donated $500,000 To Hurricane Sandy Relief

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Kristen Stewart attending the MTV Movie Awards June 2012As everyone who lives in New York knows (and hopefully most of you who don't), a little less than a year ago, the east coast was hit by Superstorm Sandy. Neighborhoods were destroyed, homes were flooded, communities were devastated, and multiple areas are still in the process of rebuilding. I don't want to minimize this event at all, because many of its victims are still homeless, and that people banded together in the storm's aftermath was, frankly, inspiring.

But. This is a celebrity website, so I hope you'll excuse me if I bring up Kristen Stewart. Many celebrities made donations or pitched in to help in the wake of the incredible damage. Lady Gaga donated $1 million to relief efforts, Emma Watson was so helpful that she proved herself to be an honorary New Yorker, and Kanye West wore a skirt to the 12.12.12 concert in hopes of upstaging the hurricane. Those were all things we knew.

But as it turns out, K-Stew helped out as well, and none of us had any idea. Except for Harvey Weinstein, who revealed at the Toronto Film Festival yesterday that Kristen kind of secretly made a hefty donation…of $500,000. Now, I'm not one to look a gift $500,000 in the mouth. I really don't want to be that person. But that said, I am totally about to look this $500,000 right in its gift horse mouth.

According to Harvey, an unidentified Middle Eastern prince approached event organizers and offered a substantial donation for the opportunity to meet with Kristen. Once the proposal was brought to her, Kristen asked, ‘How much?', and once the price was raised to $500,000, she agreed to do it. Harvey was apparently really impressed with Kristen, saying, “Kristen [sat] with the guy for 15 minutes.”

Mmmkay. This is great and all, and I'm all for donations to worthy causes, which Hurricane Sandy 100% was. But why such weird secrecy? An anonymous Middle Eastern prince? Who was gonna give half a million dollars to a relief fund for fifteen minutes with a twenty-three year old? Everything about that is so weird and sketchy to me.

It sounds like everything turned out for the best, but I personally am just shocked nobody got catfished at any point in all of this.

(Image: Brian To / WENN.com)