Somehow Liberty Ross Is Still Talking About The Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal

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Liberty Ross attending Cannes Film Festival May 2013You would be more than forgiven for forgetting who Liberty Ross is, but since I'm about to write about her for a few minute, here's a crash course in remembering. She's that lady who was married to Rupert Sanders, renowned director of Snow White and the HuntsmanOBVIOUSLY you know him for that, because that was such a universally lauded movie, but you may not have heard that he and Kristen Stewart had an affair! It was just a little thing, I don't know if anybody really cared that it was going on.

Just kidding. Everyone was obsessed with this story for like three months last year when it broke, mostly because Rupert was obviously married to Liberty, and Kristen Stewart was supposedly deeply in love with Robert Pattinson at the time. It was a scandal for the ages. But like all scandals, it was bound to blow over eventually, though not before Liberty profited off of it hardcore while simultaneously complaining about all the attention that her repeated PR stunts were getting her.

I mean granted, it must have really sucked for her to be cheated on, if in fact that happened — I'm firmly on board with the conspiracy that this whole scandal (and even the Robsten relationship itself) was created for the publicity — but at some point you need to deal with things on a personal level instead of a public one. Ideally that would've started happening a long time ago, but here we find ourselves in 2013, with Liberty still giving interviews about what happened.

“It was horrible. It was really the worst, really the worst. I have no words to describe what we went through. But I think, for me, something always has to completely die for there to be a rebirth. And, for me, I feel like I’m going through a rebirth.”

Okay yes. Keep us up to date on that. Because people literally have no concept of who you are outside the context of this cheating scandal. And you know what might be helpful in reminding people of how this went down? Having your brother speak out as well. Over to you, Atticus:

“To some extent at that moment, Rupert was in denial, and Liberty didn’t know what was going to happen…. I’m texting people because I know this is going to be huge. I knew this had all the makings of what our world has become. This is going to be fucking big, and Liberty needs to be protected.”

But how was she protected? Her name was released right away, and she was actually benefited by the release of that information, at least as far as her career. But she apparently doesn't see it that way, saying that she and her two kids hid out from the paparazzi at a friend's house:

“I was able to be there completely secluded. I just visualized [being] this sort of Masai warrior. I was just going to stand very still and very strong, and just let it all roll past me.”

Sure, that's a fine analogy, as long as Masai warriors also run alongside the story to make sure it doesn't get away without taking them with it.

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