If Liberty Ross Hates Publicity So Much, She Should Stop Giving Interviews

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Remember that time Rupert Sanders cheated on Liberty Ross with Kristen Stewart and you suddenly learned about two people that you never cared to know about before. Well, we're gearing up for Breaking Dawn: Part Two now and it seems like the fearsome foursome of infidelity will continue to make headlines every day until the premiere.

“B-b-but,” you sputter uncontrollably, “how can they possibly generate a news story every single day for weeks?” Don't worry. I assure you that they're very skilled at keeping the spotlight on them. In fact they're so skilled at getting attention that they manage to make it look like they want it off of them. It's pretty dark and twisted and I can't wait for the movie version of the scandal.

What's on the docket today?

Well, we're still selling tickets for the official Liberty Ross Pity Parade. She celebrated her 34th birthday yesterday in a gay club without her philandering husband Rupert Sanders. Naturally people spotted America's number two victim (R.Patz remains #1 on this list. Duh. Poor Rob.) out partying.

After being spotted she expressed distress of having her birthday ruined by the publicity she now endures on a daily basis. She tells Rumor Fix, in between bouts of crying and calls to her therapist, we can only assume, how it's ruined her life.

Asked about the affair that made her a headline name, Liberty didn’t play coy. ”Nobody knew who I was before he cheated and I liked it better that way. I’m here at Eleven and you recognized me. I bet had this scandal not have taken place, you would have walked right passed me,” she explained.

And then she walked definatly away from the nosy reporter and carried on with her birthday celebration.


She continued to speak about the affair that ruined her life in an incredibly well-put statement for someone who's out partying for her birthday.

“It’s not good being hurt and devastated like me – – but guess what, you certainly learn from it. I’m not mad at Rupert at all, no reason to hold grudges. I’m not focused on that. What I am focused on are my children and moving my life forward. My children come first and are most important in my life. They’ve always been and always will be.”

It's just that, oh I don't know. If I didn't want publicity, I wouldn't speak to reporters when I'm out. I'd give a quick, curt statement that's polite while simultaneously being like “get outta my face if you're not offering me a vodka soda with a splash of lime juice!”

But what do I know? I'm not the model who got cheated on by her producer husband and then rocketed to fame right in time for fashion week.

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