Us Weekly Excitedly Tweets #RobstenisUnbroken, Even Though They’re The Magazine That Broke Robsten

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Isn't it just so cute when magazines try to get in on the Twitter trends without fully understanding them? It's like watching an adult try to pronounce meme. Just precious!

Well, this morning Us Weekly excitedly tweeted out that they had the first  photo of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson being all lovey-dovey post-cheating scandal. And they threw on the hashtag #RobstenisUnbroken for good measure. You know, because they're just as excited as Robsten fans to see their favorite couple back together.

Except, tragic twist, Us Weekly is the magazine that published the photos of Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders. Remember that? I do. It's taken over my life. Before the Robsten break-up I could speak about the couple nonchalantly in passing. Now someone brings them up and I'm in their face with 50 shades of conspiracy theories that range from semi-reasonable to downright diabolical.

So it's a little hypocritical for Us Weekly to act like they're in on the reunion fun when they're kinda the people who caused the break-up. And by kinda, I mean definitely. Before they published those photos, Rupert Sanders' name meant nothing to me.

If you had said, “thoughts on Rupert Sanders?” I would have responded,”ugh, was he the guy in that lecture class who always wore that F.B.I: Federal Boob Inspector shirt?”

But alas, times have changed. Rupert Sanders is a thing. Trampire is a thing. Everything that shouldn't be a thing is thing. And that's all Us Weekly.

Robsten fans totally feel the same way and this is just a small sampling of the tweets I'm seeing now.



So yeah, maybe #RobstenIsUnbroken, but I don't know how much Us Weekly really contributed to that.