Kristen Stewart Wins The MTV Movie Awards By Awkwardly Making Out With Herself

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The 2012 MTV Movie Awards aren't even over yet and we already know Kristen Stewart will be the most talked about person on the interwebs tomorrow for her Best Kiss acceptance speech. (Assuming of course that Josh Hutcherson doesn't pull out his Fassbender on stage when The Hunger Games inevitable wins the Best Movie Award.)

Her beau and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson couldn't attend the awards show, forcing K. Stew to accept their award for best movie kiss all alone on stage. While our galpal Kristen excels at acting sullen and downtrodden, she's not quite as skilled at acting funny. Or comfortable. Or happy.

The four-time Best Kiss Award winner begrduingly accepted the award with an incredibly awkward speech where she called all her recent co-stars down to the stage to kiss her. Obviously no one came down and she did the classic sleepover trick, “turn around and make out with myself.”

The joke fell flat. Crickets chirped. Charlize Theron rolled her eyes. (I'm guessing. Totally guessing here. But she must have rolled her eyes, right?) Robert Pattinson faxed her a break-up letter and a million Hunger Games fans took their needles out of their Twilight voodoo dolls and laughed maniacally.

Good job K. Stew. You might not win any more awards tonight, but you just won a place in my heart for creating tonight's most memorable GIF.