Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Continue To Play Mind Games With Their Fans

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We're now a week away from the premiere of Breaking Dawn: If You Don't Come To The Theater And Support It Robsten Will Be A Thing Of Your Distant Past and that means that the magicians behind this alleged publicity stunt are pulling off their best tricks now. Despite the supposed reunion of Robert Pattinson  and Kristen Stewart that we've heard about endlessly for a month or so now, the couple's currently refusing to answer questions about whether or not they're back together.

Yesterday Kristen Stewart made headlines for her refusal to address their relationship during an interview on The Today Show. 

Um… I'm just going to let people watch whatever little “movie” they would like to think our lives are and go for it, you know… Keep 'em guessing, I always say.

And today her maybe-boyfriend Robert Pattinson did the same during his Today Show interview.

Guthrie then told him that Stewart said, ” ‘Keep 'em guessing.' ”

“Keep 'em guessing?” he repeated, puzzled.

Guthrie said, “So, I'm going to ask you” meaning: Are they back together?

Pattinson chuckled nervously, “I want to ask, cuz we get asked it all the time, everyone always asks, like for four years. Who is actually asking? Is it in your contract?” he asked Guthrie.

I would assume that going to a Halloween party with the woman who publicly cheated with her director would be a sign that they've reconciled. But apparently not. That's somehow still up in the air. So now all the Robsten fans who pledged their allegiance to this couple forever and ever just a few weeks ago must now suffer all over again. Is there no justice in this cruel, cruel world for fans of couples with conjoined names?

As I predicted months ago in my initial crazy-lady-rantings about this entire cheating scandal being a publicity stunt for Breaking Dawn, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are going to keep their fans guessing with an “are they” or “aren't they” game until the final moments.

They're together! They're separated! They're in love! They're in hate!

The only thing that's clear right now is that they're keeping all the media attention focused on them. Every single interview they do leading up to this movie gets covered in approximately 4500 hundred outlets. Every quote they give gets analyzed over and over again until we step back and realize we're giving a lot of meaning to Kristen Stewart saying “okay” in response to a question about her fragrance.

Sometimes an answer is just an answer. But because this entire publicity tour for the movie got overshadowed by Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert with Rupert Sanders, we're suddenly much more invested in everything they say. EVERYTHING! Look at me, I'm just as caught up in this as anyone else. I've never even seen Twilight. But now, after months of this saga I feel like I'm just as interested in their relationship as the Robsten fans. So whether or not these mind games are purposeful and whether or not this is all some kind of publicity stunt, it doesn't matter.

I'm now soaking up the drama as much as anyone else, in fact I might even go see the movie. Or least read the Wikipedia entry on it.

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