Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Win The Award For Most Confusing Halloween Costumes Of 2012

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There's no better holiday for celebrities and escaped convicts than Halloween. I can't think of any other night when you can come out of hiding, party the night away and do it all behind the safety of a mask. So I suppose that was the thinking behind the costume Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart wore last night,

Except they wore clear masks out for the night, which I think completely defeats the point of a mask. (Still waiting to hear from our Maskologist to confirm this fact. But he's busy consulting with our unlicensed Ob-Gyn about the current status of Hollywood baby bumps.) So naturally everyone noticed them and took photos — sending them into their signature “keep our heads down” stride out of the spotlight.

Of course they could have worn actual masks and actual costumes and avoided that whole routine, but they didn't.

The photo caption from PCN doesn't really help to enlighten us as to why they chose such strange costumes:

 ‘Twilight' ‘couple' Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are seen leaving a Halloween party together each in a transparent plastic face mask at the Hollywood Cemetery in Los Angeles. The pair were trying to shy away from any attention with the masks as Robert was seen with a werewolf mask under his arm but he failed to take any notice of his fly being undone.

This was a golden opportunity for the Breaking Dawn stars to go out incognito and spend a night out with friends — and they instead chose to wear non-costume costumes. I know I've seen Kristen wear those shoes out on a Non-Halloween night before. For a couple who makes it obvious they hate attention, they sure made a weird choice last night.

It's almost as if they wanted that attention. As if they want to maximize their opportunities for publicity before the premiere of their movie. Because won't all the Twihard fans be thrilled to see their favorite couple not only back together, but also celebrating this holiday together. Nothing says love like a couples costume. And I think nothing says publicity stunt quite like wearing  transparent masks  to a Halloween party.

(Photo: PacificCoastNews.com)