Considering That Kristen Stewart Wants To Hide Under A Rock Right Now, It’s Appropriate That Her New Movie Is About Making A Fake Snuff Film

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Kristen Stewart Alex Pettyfer Cali snuff film Rupert SandersLest we forget that Kristen Stewart is about more than just her affair with her Snow White director Rupert Sanders, some actual professional news concerning the Twilight star came out today. Variety reports that Alex Pettyfer has signed on to play K. Stew's love interest in the “gritty action pic” Cali.

I'm already getting a Savages vibe about this movie, where Kristen's character Mya plots with her boyfriend Chris to make a fake snuff film starring her and then reap in the profits from it going viral and start a new life far away. But years later, when her younger sister gets mixed up in some shit, Mya has to “return from the dead” to save her. IndieWire has the scoop on the wacky supporting cast, which includes homicidal porn stars and an assassin in a cowboy hat.

What an utterly weird project for Kristen to be involved with, even more so than her nude scenes in On the Road! Of course, if you go by our theory that Kristen intentionally sabotaged her film career with this on-set hook-up, then this might be the last movie news we hear about her for a while. What do you want to bet Kristen's rep was on the phone with Variety screaming that this story had to be published today? I guess they were hoping that the details of her professional life would be more salacious than her personal life. But with Twihards and Robsten fans everywhere heartbroken, good luck with that.

Photo: Brian To/WENN.com