Kristen Stewart Says She Regrets Nothing, So I Guess She Hasn’t Seen Twilight Recently

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Kristen Stewart doing cover shoot for Marie Claire February 2014Apparently Kristen Stewart is planning a pretty big week for herself, because it's only Monday and she's already saying she stands by every mistake she's ever made. Every mistake? You sure? Because you've already had some doozies.

She's been under the radar for the past year or so, theoretically recovering from her highly-publicized breakup with Robert Pattinson, but all that's about to change. Her upcoming film Camp X-Ray — in which she plays a Guantanamo Bay guard — was really well-received at Sundance, and she has a bunch of other projects in the chamber, with three films coming out this year and three more in 2015. Basically, if all goes according to plan, everything's about to be coming up Kristen.

But that's assuming that her fan base has forgiven her for a whole range of things, from the Robsten break-up to the cheating scandal with her director Rupert Sanders to the fact that she still hasn't learned how to emote in an interview, as she explains to Marie Claire in an interview for their March 2014 cover:

“I have an embarrassing incapability, seriously, of summoning fake energy. I'm just not very good on TV, and it's not my main goal in life to get good at it. People are like, ‘She just can't handle'-for lack of a better word-‘the spotlight.' No, actually, I can't, and that is totally who I am. […] I don't try to force it or turn it into something else or fabricate this personality … so I totally agree when people say I'm, like, the most awkward person. If you're operating from a genuine place, then you can't really regret anything.”

Really? You can't regret anything? Don't you think those are pretty strong words from someone who made the Twilight franchise and (we think) engaged in a fakelationship with the movie's lead to sell the movie?

“You don't know who you will fall in love with. You just don't. You don't control it.”

You're right. Your publicity team does. And then when media interest in that relationship started flagging, this is the same person who was ‘caught' in a PR stunt canoodling with her director IN FRONT OF THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN, triggering a media storm over her cheating and initiating a will-they-won't-they thing with R-Pattz just in time to drum up interest for the final movie in the franchise. You really don't regret any of that, K-Stew?

“I stand by every mistake I've ever made. So judge away.”

You know what? I think I might do just that.

(Photo: Tesh for Marie Claire)