Kristen Bell’s Wardrobe Malfunction At The Veronica Mars Premiere Has A Silver Lining

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Kristen Bell attending Veronica Mars premiere March 2014In case you needed any more proof that Kristen Bell is perfect, it turns out that even the whispering winds do her bidding, giving her a wardrobe malfunction at a perfectly opportune time to prove a point she's been working on for months now.

Let me explain.

You've probably heard about Kristen and her husband Dax Shepard‘s crusade to make paparazzi a more regulated body. Basically she wants them to stop exposing the children of celebrities to the kind of stalking and verbal abuse that they inflict on their parents. Because even though Kristen and Dax technically chose a life in which you can expect to have a paparazzo call you the c-word for refusing to roll down your window and give an interview, their daughter Lincoln surely did not.

But that's a really hard message to get across to a huge network of photographers, photo agencies, editors, and consumers, and it takes a lot of time and energy. And Kristen does have a full-time job promoting her movie Veronica Mars right now, so it totally makes  sense that she enlisted the help of Mother Nature.

Kristen was wearing a floor-length light pink dress with a very high slit last night, and when the gust of wind she'd ordered came along, it opened the front of the dress pretty much to her belly button, exposing the bottom of her underwear. (That she was thankfully wearing, I might add.) She immediately tucked the slit closed again and made a big face, but naturally a paparazzo got a photo first. And sold it. As paparazzi are wont to do.

So now she's back in the news for another cycle and I'm sitting here thinking about how invasive it is that there are essentially upskirts out there of not only Kristen, but a bunch of other celebrities as well. And realizing how inappropriate that is. And on and on and on and on, and basically she proved her own point without lifting a finger or even really having to expose anything.


(Photo: FayesVision / WENN.com)