Kristen Bell Wants You To Give Her Money Again, But Should You?

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Kristen Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Oh, that Kristen Bell. I know what you're thinking: she's always asking for your money. First, she asked you to donate to the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter, and now she's back at it again.

But really, let's be honest. I'd probably give Kristen Bell anything she asked for. She became one of my favorite celebrities in Hollywood after I saw the sloth video – how could you not love her after that? And this time, she's not even asking you to donate money for a movie that you will probably also pay to see in theaters. In her adorable video, she's asking you to donate money to charity to win a date with her to this year's Fourth Estate Leadership Summit, a human rights conference.

The more times you give, the more times you're entered to win. There are also lots of exciting incentives, like an exclusive sloth t-shirt (!) and a personalized thank you note from Kristen Bell herself. The video also features Kristen's fiance Dax Shepard, reminding us that they are the funniest and most perfect couple ever.

But, this is all a bit more complicated than it may seem at first. When I first saw this video, I was full of happiness and squee-ing out loud about how much I love Kristen Bell. That is, until I put on my serious reporter glasses and realized that the organization she's raising money for is Invisible Children. If you reach way back into the depths of your memories from a little over a year ago, you may remember that this is the organization responsible for the now-infamous Kony 2012 video. The one that went viral and inspired a lot of Facebook and Twitter activism, until it was revealed that the video contained huge inaccuracies, and Ugandans (the people the Kony 2012 campaign was supposed to help), criticized it for oversimplifying the issue. Basically, it was a great reminder for Hollywood and the rest of America that we don't actually know everything about what goes on in other countries just because we're Americans and a fancy documentary told us so.

Oh, and then Jason Russell, the co-founder of Invisible Children, got arrested for drunkenly masturbating in public and vandalizing cop cars. So now I'm thinking that Invisible Children might be using Kristen to try and make a comeback. After all, they totally had me with the cuteness of this video. I don't think Invisible Children will be getting any of my money any time soon, even though they do have Kristen Bell on their side.

But I mean, you can still watch the cute video.

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