Kristen Bell Is Guest-Starring On Parks And Rec, And I Just Excited In My Pants

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I'm gonna get real with you guys for a second, and say something that I'd sort of planned on keeping secret, keeping safe — I don't know if Parks And Recreation is going to be all that great this season. I KNOW. I know. Calm down. I've loved it in the past, and my lady-boner for Amy Poehler is just as raging as ever, but I saw the premiere episode and I got nervous, y'know? That's all that happened. It just felt scary like a caricature of the show I used to know and love, and I started to shake in my wee little booties. I've lost too many shows to the comedy curse already, world, you can't have Parks And Rec too! It's not fair!

But then I remembered that it was only the first episode of the sixth season, and you can really judge a show on that, right? I mean they could still come back and blow me away, couldn't they? This might not necessarily be the reason that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe have chosen to break my heart by leaving the show permanently?

Well, nervousness be damned, I'm gonna answer all those questions yes, because I just saw a promo for the next episode and it has Kristen Bell in it. Kristen Bell, you guys! She can solve any problem! Remember how well she's tackling motherhood? She plays Leslie Knope's newest nemesis, a woman from Eagleton, who — you know what? Why don't I just let Leslie explain this to you herself:

“That awful human being is Ingrid DeForrest. She's a City Councillor from Eagleton. She thinks she's so great because she won the Miss Indiana Beauty Pageant…last year…while she was in office…and pregnant.”

Ugh, Ingrid, shut up. You take your bowl of Swarovski oranges and you get far far away from here. But you, Kristen, you stay. You stay forever and protect me from P&R ever changing or going off the air or getting measurably worse in any way. Thanks!