The Top 7 Things Kristen Bell Has Said About Being A Mother

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Kristen Bell Hit and Run premiere Los Angeles August 2012

I've always thought Kristen Bell was funny and down-to-earth and definitely much cooler than me, and I've also always harbored a mild desire to be her friend. But now that she has a baby daughter with Dax Shepard and constantly gushes about how wonderful it is to be a mother, I kind of want her to adopt me. At least for a day, just to test things out, like in that movie North that was based on the future life story of a celebrity baby who seeks new parents after they use her to get ratings for her grandmother's talk show. (Hollywood is psychic like that.) One kid who will most definitely never go on a worldwide search for new parents is Lincoln Bell Shepard. If she ever needs a reminder of just how awesome her mom is, all she has to do is look at these seven quotes. Crushable's got your back, little Lincoln. Bookmark this page once you learn how to work a computer mouse.

1. To E! News: “I can't tell [who Lincoln looks like] yet; it changes from moment to moment. It's like a light switch.

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This quote tells me that Kristen looks at her baby. Like a lot. I like to imagine her staring at Lincoln as if her face is a complex puzzle, trying to figure out which parts came from which parent. If that's not the sweetest thing ever, I don't know what is.


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One of the best things about Kristen's approach to motherhood is that she's not stressing about her “post-baby body.” She views her baby weight as something beautiful, because it means she gave someone life. Also, can we talk about the fact that she calls it her “Lincoln Leftovers” and says her daughter is her “new BFF”? We should all be so lucky.

3. To Redbook Magazine: “Lincoln will always be number one, but I think if you can cut that cord of obsessiveness, then you can work and be a good mother and wife.”

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I think we can all agree we want Kristen Bell to continue making movies and TV for us until the end of time. And Kristen wants to do that for us, but I love that she's got her priorities straight. She can have it all!

4. To Us Weekly on hoping that her daughter likes Disney movies: “I hope she likes it! Just my luck she'll hate cartoons or something!

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Like most sane people, Kristen loves Disney movies, and as the voice of a new Disney princess, she wants to share that love with her daughter. But if Lincoln's not so into it? Sad, but no biggie. You like what you like, little Lincoln.

5. To Yahoo OMG!: “The pregnancy [changed] my voice. It made it deeper!”

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I knew pregnancy could make your feet swell and give you that extra-beautiful “glow,” but it gives you a deeper voice, too? Learn something new every day. Thanks, Kristen!

6. To Ellen Degeneres on Ellen: “[Lincoln has] always been Dax’s favorite name. He is substantially bigger than I am so I lost.”

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Can't you just imagine those two getting into a playful wrestling match over what to name their kid? And then recreating it when they explain to Lincoln where her name came from? And Lincoln whining, “You guuuys” but secretly thinking how awesome they are? I can.


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No matter how sappy Kristen and Dax get when talking about their daughter, they always bring it back around to humor. Not only do they know the best ways to joke about their kid, but they can joke about their past struggles too. I also love that she signs it “xo” like she did on Gossip Girl. Probably not intentional, but great nonetheless.

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