Is It Really So Much To Ask That Kristen Bell’s Kids Make Her Coffee In The Morning?

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Is It Really So Much to Ask That Kristen Bell s Kids Make Her Coffee in the Morning  Kristen Bell Ellen 2016 jpg

During her most recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kristen Bell talked about everything from her trip to Africa with husband Dax Shepard (watch their adorable music video here) to her two daughters Lincoln, 3, and Delta, 1. As we’ve come to expect from Kristen’s stories about her children, and most of her stories in general, it was hilarious. It starts when Ellen asks her what it’s like having two little kids. Kristen says it’s “a circus, for sure.” Then things get funny.

Kristen starts off by saying, “I love it, I love it,” and there’s a really big BUT on the horizon. (And I don’t mean the kind Sir Mix-a-Lot likes, but that should be clear from the spelling. That joke works better verbally, wow.) Even Ellen can sense it coming, and she calls Kristen out on it. So Kristen just gives in and airs her complaints.

“You know where we could do better? Why does everyone wake up screaming? Like, why don’t they tell you that? Like, they’re gonna wake up screaming for like four years. The moment you wake up, you’re in like a horror movie, ’cause everyone in the house is screaming bloody murder. They don’t get up and make your coffee, like I kinda thought maybe they would.”

Ellen suggests that maybe it’s not normal that the girls are waking up that way every single day (could have something to do with the chains), but I certainly wouldn’t know. To be honest, whenever any child makes any kind of noise, from laughing to talking, all I hear is screaming anyway. It’s like, could you keep it down over there? I know you have a lot of questions about the menu you’re coloring, but I’m trying to enjoy a blooming onion and some adult conversation here.

And really, kids don’t make you coffee in the morning? Wow, I guess that settles it. No children for me, thank you.