Kristen Bell Says Her New Baby Is Almost As Cute As A Sloth, And We Know How Much She Loves Sloths

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Kristen Bell Starring at a SlothI know I haven't checked kittensraisingorphankittens.org today, but I'm pretty sure that this video of Kristen Bell telling Ellen DeGeneres about her baby daughter Lincoln is the best thing you'll watch today. It's just so absolutely adorable that I can't help but want to pull a Bling Ring and break into Kristen and Dax Shepard's house so that I watch them sing to their daughter. That's right, sing! Kristen says Dax is the best father ever and he just sings to Lincoln all day long. While Facebook statuses on Father's Day every year proclaiming everyone's dad to be the best dad ever may end up proving Kristen Bell wrong, it sounds like he's already doing a great job.

The  video gets even better when Ellen asks to see a photo of Lincoln and Kristen refuses to show one. Why? Well, prepare yourselves. Seriously, if you're standing up, sit down. If you're sitting down, stand up. If you're kneeling, do a triple cartwheel. The quote I'm about to share with you will blow your mind.

Yeah, well were not quite positive that she wants to be a public figure yet so we’re going to leave that up to her. If she wants to she can do a bunch of selfies. Who cares?  But we’re just going to make that decision for her.

Do you hear that? IT'S THE SOUND OF PIGS FLYING OUTSIDE. That's what happens when celebrities don't sell their babies out. It happens once every fourteen years. It's even more rare than a celebrity admitting that she gets her bikini bod by working out excessively hard and eating professionally prepared and portioned meals that costs her thousands of dollars a week. (Yeah that's right, it's not just an hour of yoga every week with the combination of a positive attitude.)

Then, if you believe it or not, the video gets even more heartwarming. Since Kristen won't show us photos of Lincoln, Ellen shows Kristen photos of sloths instead. You want to know how much Kristen loves Lincoln? Enough to say that she's almost as cute as a bucket of baby sloths. Considering everything we know about K.Bell and her love for sloths, this is huge. Congrats Kristen. I can't wait to see Lincoln selfies in about 18 years.