Kristen Bell Shares Pregnant Sex Stories, You Won’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cringe

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Kristen Bell Shares Pregnant Sex Stories  You Won t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cringe Kristen Bell Conan January 2014 jpg

Don’t get me wrong, I think Kristen Bell is the bee’s knees and the cat’s pajamas and various other old-fashioned terms for being awesome, but I’m starting to wonder if maybe she’s taking that awesomeness too far, kind of like when Jennifer Lawrence told us she pooped her pants and we were all like, “I know you’re super relatable and real, but let’s leave a little mystery, shall we?” We know that Kristen’s a cool mom (and not in the Dina Lohan way), and she’s really honest and refreshing and funny. But I’m not sure I needed to hear her stories about having pregnant sex with Dax Shapard and pregnant simulated sex with Adam Brody.

Kristen went on Conan this week, and obviously they talked about her baby. Kristen always has the sweetest things to say about little Lincoln in every interview. But I wasn’t really prepared for her to start detailing her and her husband’s pregnant sexcapades. She says Dax found her sexy when she was pregnant because “there’s more of you to love,” which is perfectly adorable and acceptable — if a little clichéd — and doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all.

But then she says that Dax liked her pregnant because it felt like he was cheating on her, which Kristen totally approved of. She explains that Dax “got a freebie that didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings.” Based on the audience reaction, which Conan describes as “tepid,” everybody just wants them to move on with the conversation and stop with the oversharing.

But of course Kristen doesn’t stop, because she also has a story about shooting a fake sex tape for her show House of Lies while she was cooking her bun in the oven. She says now she can tell Lincoln she was present for that scene. That not enough for you to uncomfortably chuckle at? Her love interest Adam Brody referred to their sex scenes as “threesomes.” Aaand that’s a wrap on the awkward TMI talk show appearance. Great job, everybody!