Hearing Kristen Bell’s Refreshing Thoughts On Motherhood Is The Sweetest Way To Start The Day

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Kristen Bell Chelsea Lately January 2014

Every time Kristen Bell gives an interview about her baby daughter Lincoln, an angel wishes to be adopted by her. It's becoming more and more clear that, like Amy Poehler in Mean Girls, she's not a regular mom; she's a cool mom. But not in an “I'm responsible for creating Regina George” kind of way, but in an “I have really refreshing and realistic views about raising my daughter” kind of way. Case in point: Her recent appearance on Chelsea Lately.

Chelsea asks Kristen about what she'll allow her daughter to watch of her work when she grows up. We already know Kristen is excited for Lincoln to see Frozen, because she's awesome and therefore loves Disney movies. But what about the sexier roles she's done? Is she going to ban her daughter from ever seeing them? Nope. Why? Because she understands that her daughter will not be a little baby forever. It's shocking, I know. Take a moment to come to terms with this news that babies grow up. Maybe lie down with a cold compress.

Kristen acknowledges that, like most other people in the world, little Lincoln will grow up and enjoy sex. She even goes so far as to acknowledge that Lincoln has lady parts. Hey, don't shoot the messenger, okay? Don't get mad at me for shattering your illusion that babies don't have genitals.

Of course, after starting a slow clap over these statements, I then realized it could maaaaybe be construed as a little bit weird for Kristen to be so enthusiastic about showing Lincoln scenes of her own mother pretending to have sexytimes. But I think the point is that she wants to eventually give Lincoln the choice to watch what she wants. And that's been the overriding theme of Kristen's motherhood message all along — that Lincoln will eventually grow into an adult human capable of making her own decisions, and Kristen isn't going to try and stop that. And I think that's rad.