A Pap Called Kristen Bell The C-Word, But Tell Me Again How They’re Just Doing Their Jobs

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Kristen Bell on HuffPo Live March 2014For anyone who thinks that Kristen Bell is overreacting in her crusade to get paparazzi to stop taking photos of celebrity children, I'm gonna need you to take a look at this video.

You can tell me as much as you want that these photographers are just trying to do their job, but when they're calling a woman a cunt and threatening her just for refusing to give them a good shot, I think they kind of have to forfeit that argument.

Kristen did an interview on HuffPo Live recently, and one of the things she wanted to talk about was this paparazzi initiative. I think that's the sole reason she's doing a publicity tour right now, which is actually super awesome. She's putting her beliefs and her family before her career, which I can't help but admire. But anyway, as it happens, she had the perfect example to illustrate why paparazzi are such an issue, and it had happened earlier that same day:

“I had a guy — the interview before this, I was pulling into the garage. He bangs on the window, [and] because I didn't roll it down, he called me the c-word, and he said, ‘I'm posting your hotel', as like a threat of saying ‘there are gonna be more people now following you all the time.'”

Ummmm no. No no no. We can't be doing that. That's such a clear case of a situation that's not acceptable on any level, but particularly when you consider that Kristen might have had her daughter Lincoln with her. Totally not okay.

Acknowledging that it's more an ethical issue than a legal one, Kristen says that somewhere along the way, ‘we've lost a humanity', and that we need to address this problem. It's not acceptable for the paparazzi to be such an unregulated body; it's something that Kristen herself can handle because she signed up for it, but not something that kids should be subjected to.

“Children need to be left out of it. it's too much to rope them in. they're babies, they don't understand. You cannot be stalking six-year olds.”

She admits that there are definitely celebrities out there who call paparazzi for staged photoshoots, and she's not trying to shame them for that. All she wants to do is point out that they're giving their own form of consent, while Kristen and Dax Shepard are not. But bottom line, she has faith in peoples' humanity, which is why she's not going to stop publicizing this issue:

“People who look at pictures of kids in magazines — it's cause they care about kids, they like kids. And I think if they knew that kids were experiencing a negative affect, they wouldn't want to see those pictures anymore.”

Best of luck in your crusade, Kristen! We're fully behind you!