5 Facts About Celebrity Interviewer Krista Smith

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Following its catchphrase of “characters welcome,” USA is premiering a new show intended to delve beyond the TV, movie, and even celebrity characters that we're used to in pop culture. Out of Character with Krista Smith has entertainment writer and host Krista Smith sit down with three subjects per interview: Someone you think you know, someone you want to know, and someone you need to know.

The first episode features Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, designer Jason Wu (who made Michelle Obama‘s inauguration gown), and our favorite, Gwyneth Paltrow. Check out a preview at the USA website. Since Krista is the one constant in all this, here are five facts about her.

1. Although Krista began her career at Vanity Fair in New York City, she later relocated to California to serve as the magazine's Senior West Coast Editor.

2. In each issue, she introduces readers to breakout talent in the “Vanities” section. Recent interviews include The Hunger GamesJosh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, and Shame director Steve McQueen.

3. She hosted the 2011 Oscars pre-show with Tim Gunn, Maria Menounos, and Robin Roberts; it was her first year doing so, and she was stationed backstage to catch presenters and winners once they left the stage.

4. Unfortunately, the gig didn't go so well. Several sites liveblogging the festivities commented that Krista seemed out of it; one site made the mean-spirited joke Is there a “Speak Quietly and Awkwardly” sign above Krista Smith’s head?

5. This is less fact than opinion, but Krista seems really relatable. Take this pseudo-interview she did with Vanity Fair after she attended the BAFTA Gala in July. She knows which tidbits — like Prince William chatting up The SopranosJames Gandolfini — her readers would take away from the event had they been lucky enough to attend, a trait that likely endears her readers to her.