Kris Jenner Tweets Nip Slip Photo In Quixotic Quest For Relevance (NSFW)

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Hey kids! Would you like to see a hint of Kris Jenner‘s areola? No? Then WHY ARE YOU CLICKING ON TH–

Oh look, now you've gone and done it. Now you've looked at a picture of Kris Jenner with a tiny part of her nipple out, which she posted yesterday on Instagram because she knew people would get EXCITED. About Kris Jenner and her normal colored areolas, and the fact that a grown ass 53-year-old woman would post a sliver of her areola online. But also about the fact that we live in a society in which a grown woman knows she will get a ton of attention for posting a sliver of her areola online. This problem is bigger that Kris Jenner, you guys.

Why am I adding to the problem at all by blogging about it? Because people click on it. Hell, I clicked on it immediately when I saw it, even though there is nothing in the rational part of my brain that wants to see even a little bit of Kris Jenner's nipples. This impulse can be traced back to a concept Edgar Allen Poe called “The Imp Of The Perverse,” whereby a tiny demon living inside of you causes you to do the exact wrong thing in a given situation, merely because it's possible to do so. We are all enslaved to this creature, so we will keep looking at Kris Jenner's nip slips. It is what it is.

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Photo: Kris Jenner