Kris Jenner Proves She Is One Cool Grandma By Posing To “Trap Queen”

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Kris Jenner Proves She Is One Cool Grandma By Posing to  Trap Queen  Screen Shot 2015 12 08 at 11 59 41 AM 640x362 png

Three days after Kim Kardashian gave birth to her little Saint West, Kris Jenner, being the cool grandma she is, decided to take over the family’s scandalous modeling duties for a while. Ya know, so her grandkids have a wide array of embarrassing family photos to choose from for their therapy sessions.

In a video for LOVE magazine’s advent calendar, Kris causally glides around in a pool wearing a black one piece and enough jewelry to pose a drowning risk. Kris playfully smirks through the video as Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen”, a song Kris totally has heard of and totally didn’t ask Kylie what a “Rap Dream or whatever” was for 30 minutes, sets the mood for the clip. The video is shot in a nice black and white because Kris likes to keep it classy.

Kris isn’t the first in her family to pose for the LOVE calendar this year. Daughter Kendall got things started starring in the series’ first video as a sexy shark who does her best Psycho impression by getting attacked by the shark in the shower. After last year’s clip for the magazine, featuring Kendall and Kris shaking their butts in matching mother-daughter black stockings and reindeer antlers, I guess they decided it was best to go solo this time.

Other videos in the LOVE series have included Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski getting into the holiday spirit by prancing around in lingerie, Irina Shayk going on a sexy trip to the beach, and Pamela Anderson being domestic in the kitchen.

Considering there are 25 days in the calendar and about that many members of the extended Kardashian family, why LOVE didn’t just do a Kardashian advent calendar and get it over with is beyond me.