Jimmy Kimmel Convinces People That Kris Jenner Is Time’s Person Of The Year, But The Joke’s On Us

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Jimmy Kimmel Kris Jenner Time Person of the Year

In honor of yesterday being a day that ended in Y, Jimmy Kimmel sent his team down to the streets to trick unsuspecting tourists into saying something stupid. As old as this trick gets, it's still funny. Like I always tell myself that I will not be entertained, but dagnabbit, I am! Because these people say such silly things!

Today's trick du jour? Time Magazine's person of the year. While we all know that Pope Benedict got picked, Jimmy Kimmel had a feeling that not everyone was on the same page with that. So he slapped Kris Jenner's mug on the cover and walked around asking people what they thought about her being the choice. And tell you what, the women he spoke with liked it. And their reasons why were pretty scary. Not because they reflected our society's obsession with horrible reality shows, but because they viewed her as a savvy business woman who worked really hard to get where she is today.

And gosh guys, I hate to admit this, but it's true. Kris Jenner, the only woman who's legally allowed to call herself Satan's ex-girlfriend, did have a great year. Not only did she finally get rid of that handbag that calls itself Bruce Jenner, but she also had her family's name mentioned in the news every single day. THE NEWS! Her childrens' names sat on the same page as world leaders. Kim Kardashian's pregnancy got followed just as closely as Kate Middleton's. The baby's first photo reveal was an event. She got Kylie's name linked with Jaden Smith and even more impressively, got Kendall's name linked with Harry Styles. And that's on top of helping Kendall to launch an actual modeling career. Want more? How about the fact that she convinced living, breathing human beings to give her a talk show. Sure it failed, but she still can say she had one.

So sorry Jimmy Kimmel, as scary as it is to type, it's not all that crazy that Kris Jenner would be Time's person of the year. Also good luck to America.