Kris Jenner Makes Sure Every Moment of Kim Kardashian’s Life Is Available For Public Consumption

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It's a question for the ages: if you've made your butt X-Ray public, is every moment of your life fair game for public consumption? Kris Jenner: extreme momager seems to say yes, because yesterday she snapped a picture of her second oldest daughter napping in her bed and posted it online, putting it up on Twitter where her more than two million followers could check out Kim Kardashian getting some beauty sleep.

To be fair I think the Twitpic rates pretty low on the embarrassment scale. There's no headgear, no visible drool, even her skin look great. She might not be pleased to be photographed in a baggy grey shirt, but it's still more fashionable then the ratty over-sized T-shirts that make up many women's sleepwear reserves.

More than the invasion of privacy the picture seems to represent an invasion of safety. Kris captioned the picture, “I love that @kimkardashian still crawls in bed with me…she's still my little girl!” When you crawl into your parents bed, you're looking for safety, from monsters or from the pressures of your grown-up life. It's possible like so many other moments in her life Kim wanted the world to see this one. Still, it seems like it should have stayed a private moment between mother and daughter.